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New Intelligence received the 2003 InfoWorld 100 award for Enterprise Innovation and Information Technology Leadership for the Diversity Education System. Infoworld described the Diversity Education software as an “innovative and unique software-based system designed to meet objectives in business and education.” New Intelligence was one of ten recipients of the award in the education category. Other education recipients included the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dartmouth College, George Mason University, Ball State University, and Delaware State University.  

In 1995, the Central Intelligence Agency ended its Star Gate remote viewing program, the existence of which was subsequently declassified. Over the next several years, more and more documents have been declassified and released about this remarkable formerly-secret project and its various incarnations within the U.S. Army, the DIA, the U.S. Navy, and the CIA, as well as its origins and early research and experimentation at the American Society for Psychical Research and later at the Stanford Research Institute.  In 2004, the Central Intelligence Agency released a major portion of its Star Gate archives on 14 CD-ROM disks containing a massive collection of over eleven thousand documents comprising almost ninety thousand pages of information documenting the US Government’s Remote Viewing program, including many actual remote viewing reports describing numerous remarkable successes of the program.  

Key individuals at New Intelligence Inc. have had an interest in the remote viewing phenomenon since learning of the Star Gate project in 1996, and have spent several years investigating various aspects of the process.  There is no doubt that remote viewing does work; anyone who doubts that it does simply hasn’t studied the facts. It also appears that everyone has some natural ability for remote viewing, although it seems clear that training and practice can improve one’s ability.  The challenge, however, is in the implementation of the best practices – and in learning to separate the tenuous “signal” or perception of a target from the mental noise of one’s normal thought processas and other distractions of our modern world.

The New Intelligence Interactive Remotre Viewing Analysis System is designed to be used in the process of “Associative Remote Viewing” in which the objective is to identify a target or “identity” by associating it with colors and simple shapes, which can be more readily perceived through remote viewing than complex figures, numbers, or other detailed images or structures. While relational database systems have long been used in analyzing remote viewing sessions and in helping to determine the results, the New Intelligence system adds a software-based process for “mapping” symbols and colors against potential targets to eliminate what has been a cumbersome manual process.  

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