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Recent research has demonstrated that the strength as well as any disturbances in the earth’s geomagnetic field (GMF) can influence the outcome of a remote viewing session.  Similarly, it has been demonstrated that remote viewing sessions are more likely to be successful if carried out within a specific period of time based on Local Sidereal Time (LST).  The software provides several convenient Internet links to make it easy to determine these factors when planning a remote viewing session.  

New Intelligence Inc. is an award-winning Texas-based developer of software for education and training systems.  Established in 1995, New Intelligence develops and publishes software and related materials for reasoning, reading, and writing improvement in grades 3 - 12 as well as diversity software for use in business and industry.  New Intelligence instructional systems are based on text reconstruction methods for developing reading and reasoning skills, and incorporate the instructional research of Arthur Whimbey, PhD, and Myra Linden, PhD, well-known teachers, authors, and researchers in the areas of reasoning and reading comprehension.  For more information, visit the New Intelligence Education Systems web site at Google ”arthur” & “whimbey” for more information on Whimbey, Linden, and text reconstruction. The Remote Viewing Software Division of New Intelligence was established in 2008 to develop software-based tools for remote viewing.  

The Remote Viewing Interactive Analysis System is not designed to teach the process or techniques of associative remote viewing; a number of experienced and capable indivuduals formerly associated with one of the government’s remote viewing programs offer training classes to teach remote viewing.  This software is designed to facilitate the process of remote viewing using the Associative Remote Viewing approach, with the additional objective of helping the remote viewer address three of the challenges often encountered in remote viewing: identifying specific locations, identifying numeric values, and identifying points in time.  The methods implemented in the system take advantage of Windows-based software, including easy-to-use, point-and-click user interface screens and state-of-the-art database methods. The system provides a means of keeping records of the outcomes, the persons participating in a remote viewing sessions, and related notes about each session.  A unique reporting and analysis function using “auto-query” double-click queries is included.   

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