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Remote Team Option


The Remote Team version of the system supports distribution of Project Data Files to participaitng remote viewers using the Internet, allowing world-wide participation in a pre-defined remote viewing project.  


The results for each remote viewer can be integrated into the central Remote Viewing Analysis and Reporting System.

The Remote Viewing Interactive Analysis System features major program functions grouped logically by screens. All functions are activated by clearly labeled point-and-click buttons. Options are provided for the user to select geographic resolution, symbol and color mapping lists, randomization / sequential mapping, shutter on / off, session cycle time, and password mangement. Seven pre-set Project Data Files are included, and eleven additional parameter-driven Project Data File Generators are included for generation of custom files. These include data sets for date and time ranges, direction and speed ranges, number range, and latitude and longitude generation worldwide, for the US, or for a user-defined area. The user can also create, name, and save an unlimited number of custom project data files for special projects.  

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